Dr. med. Achim Wolfram

Neurology & Psychiatry



office hours: Mo - Fr  09:00 - 12:00 am and by appointment


Map of  Heidelberg

The location is in Heidelberg-Handschuhsheim.   

Tram-stop of N° 23 and N° 5: Blumenthalstrasse.



Diagnostic and treatment (also in English language)

consits among others:

affective disorders 

schizophrenia and organic psychosis                           

anxiety disorders   

obsessive - compulsive disorders     

adjustment disorders         

somatoform disorders    

life crisis and conflict in relationship

dementia diseases  

neurological diseases   




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The  corresponding Ärztekammer is the Landesärztekammer Baden-Württemberg.

e-mail: www.aerztekammer-bw.de  




You can find the actual regulations of profession by the search function with the search - terms          " Sonderdruck " and " Berufsordnung "  on the  homepage  of the Landesärztekammer  Baden-Württemberg  under the e-mail address: